Hey Rubik's Land Fans!

This is my new site, my old one is no longer operational. Be expecting new videos to be posted on my channel pretty soon! I know its been a while! This page may not be full for a while, but just wait!

Awesome Cubing Links

 http://cubesmith.com/ Great site for replacement stickers

http://www.cube4you.com/ The BEST site for getting cubes

http://www.v-cubes.com/ The only place to get 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 cubes

http://www.twistypuzzles.com/ Library of cubes to view

http://www.rubiks.com/ Pretty self explanitory... Don't join forums though, too over moderated

http://rubiksmaster.com/ Bcrubiksmaster's site and forum

http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/ WCA's site with event schedules and profiles

http://speedcubing.com/ Cool site for everything cubic

http://speedsolving.com/ Another cubing forum

http://www.nascarjon.us/sunday.php Home of the Sunday Contest. Also check out mine!

http://rubiksmaster.com/ BCRubiksmaster's site.

http://BADMEPHISTO.com  Badmephisto's site.

http://silverpotato.com Silver potato's site.

http://www.youtube.com/user/pestvic?ob=4 Pestvics channel: my favorite cubing channel

http://www.youtube.com/user/Thrawst?ob=1 Thrwast's channel

Current 3x3x3 World Record